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Friends Only [08 Jul 2003|11:06pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Yes, thats right, yet another journal is friends only.

(I re-did my banner and it looks like crap, but it matches.)

Comment to be added.

Few Rules

1. If your from my school and I feel I cant trust you, I'll delete you. (I probably wont have that problem cause I know Ashley aint gonna say anyhting)
2. If you have a problem about what I say, dont read it, that simple.
3. If you dont comment at all I'll delete you. Im not saying you have to comment ALL the time but once in a while will be good.

Thats all.
2Wishful thinker

Hello [08 Jul 2003|09:37pm]
Woo! I have a live journal! lol. Yeah, I got this code from my lovely friend ashley dying_on_sunday. I dunno how much I'll update here but, we'll see! :)
I also have a dead journal (xxloserxx). You can read ALOT more crap there.
Wishful thinker

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